Politics taken too seriously by idiots is dangerous

Politics taken seriously by idiots is a dangerous thing.

But then again, in all truth who am I to call anyone an idiot? No one indeed is the short answer.

Like for example, I read of a  woman from the San Francisco Bay Area who threw a political rant at a man in a Starbucks coffee house because he was wearing a Make America Great Again hat, geez, apparently a crime in the spin city of progressive liberals.

I deliberately won’t mention her name, as I’m not really interested in bashing her or have anything against her, an article is easy enough to find about the incident that occurred in Palo Alto, CA, sometime in April 2019 (I’m pretty sure)…

But the fact that she’s supposedly gone “missing” (more like hiding), after publicly displaying her outrage then followed up by posting on Farcebook, claiming “she’s speaking up against fascism, and you should too,” oh how ironic, and began getting threats apparently is pretty outrageous.

She sure did stir up a nasty little storm for herself, to begin with…

Then lost her job.

Then was even kicked off of an SF Bay Areas “Progressive Politics Committee,” officially “stepping down,” goes to show how wacky self-appointed political punditry can become, and in fact, has become.

It’s probably wise to stay aware of politics, I agree and admittedly don’t really. 

But to get so far down the line as to publically berate people over a politically charged hat worn in a free country is, well I guess, anyone’s “right” to do so, in the name of freedom.

But still, indecent.

And as retarded as I think it is to get all worked up and yell at anyone for most anything, is not what alarms me, it’s the fire that burns within so many folks and is ready to burst out and burn any opposition in its path that does concern me.

It’s righteous indignation sans the hope of rectification that sent our viscerally vexed Starbucks Coffee compatriot plundering down the path of personal social mayhem.

And as simple-minded and flaccid as it may seem in comparison to using “force” to improve circumstances, it’s faith and hope in the God of love that delivers clarity and a sense of order out of a world of chaos.

You see, we are in a battle against the results of acting out of our carnal human nature for thousands of years consecutively.

But it’s through seeking God we find the alternative and experience true peace.

Here’s a question…

What would happen if Hurricane Maria hit your home town today, resulting in the same aftermath of death and destruction that it did for Puerto Rico?

It would be chaos and destruction, people would be hurt and some would die.

What then (besides prayer) would you do?

I’ll tell you, you would take care of those closest to you.

Reality check, most Americans have a job that takes up too much time and pays too little, they eat too much, and watch too much TV.

We are a nation of dependents.

The truth is that most of us don’t know how to take care of ourselves let alone, those closest also.

Ask ye self the following questions.

Where would I get food without the store being open after most pantry supplies run low?

Without town water or bottled H2o, how can I curate clean drinking water for me my fam?

Do I know how to start a fire for food and for warmth if ever needed?

What happens if the grid shuts down for a week? And what if it’s the middle of the winter?

What then, how do I stay warm?

Do you have the knowledge and resources to build a temporary shelter if need be?

All relevant questions. And potentially scary and possibly life-threatening if the answer to any of em’ is, “gee I don’t know.”

And here’s another thing, if you after reading those questions your thoughts in reply are, “this is dumb.”

Then good luck to you if life gets gritty suddenly, though it may never, for you.

Just remember for some people it does, and often unexpectedly.

Personally speaking, and hopefully for you too, is that when it comes to staying alive, I want to know than just the basics, beyond the modern conveniences-we’ve been conditioned beyond recognition to take for granted…

And that’s why I created and feel ever so strongly compelled to write the Survivalite Companion Newsletter.

It’s designed to be an informational resource of unconventional wisdomdry and entertainment honoring the disciplines of self-sufficiency, independence, and worst case scenario survival tactics.

It’s all about you, and it’s written for you, and me.

You see, we’re the kind of people who understand that there is more to life than just “getting by” and relying on politicians for help and security. Some of us are more straight-laced than, some more unconventional, but we’re all a little rough around the edges.

We value the principles of self-respect and integrity and we don’t necessarily believe all the junk the media feeds us in the headlines.

We think for ourselves and are anti-PC.

We believe being fair and earning our own keep. And we don’t the government or the self-appointed thought police telling how to live our lives.

So anyhow, I’d be glad to send you one Free copy of my Survivalite Companion Newsletter, in PDF format once you sign up to my email list.

Get all the details here, at my URL, http://www.AbeYankee.com

Yours true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee






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From hedonistic punk to family values and protector

Hedonism is the pursuit of pleasure as a way of life.

And I guess, not knowing anything other than to seek “one’s self” as life’s main purpose it’s easy enough to spin off and wind up steering down some pretty heinous pathways in the pursuit of self.

Take, for instance, yours truly.

I was brought up thinking it normal to pop-cherries, drink alcohol and smoke weed, steal stuff, and in general be a bastard at large.

Not by my parents, fortunately, but by the social and media outlets I consumed.

In fact, sheepishly recollecting my youth I’m not really sure why I would be drawn to such hellish pursuits other than the societal influences I was attracted to.

No, I’m not blaming anyone else either.

To me it was fun, I thought I knew what life was all about. And I pushed it enough to make it hurt, and it did, I hurt myself.

But there was another side to that coin, a good side and it’s where I reside now. And I cannot see ever valuing the type of dog mentality garbage I pursued when I was younger.

And looking back on it, I recall my gateway into the “lifestyle” of sinful endeavors as a primary objective, I was 12 years young when introduced to NWA’s, Straight Outta Compton, album.

With it, I’d been “Christened” into the mindset and inner-city doctrine of hate and violence and easy sex.

Glamorized and commoditized with catchy rimes over dope beats that woke me to thug life.

Immediately hooked, soon became the best little thug a soft hearted little boy from the burbs could possibly be.

Don’t laugh cause it ain’t funny, I wound up making a lot of mistakes and causing a lot of good people needless concern.

However, to save your eyes and ears anymore of my heartache, I’ll just say that these days I don’t smoke anything, hardy drink, raise a family, and go to church every week.

And write about my faith to boot…

And why am I spilling so much beanage you ask? Here’s why:


It’s all part of being responsible.

I am a “safe” person now, not a nerd, but trustworthy. A “stand-up guy,” I’m told.

ANd part of being an upstanding person, (in my humble but true opinion) is knowing when and how to take care of your own.

Whether that be your friends and family, or family only, or certain family members but not others, or community, or well, you get it (you get to decide).

And it means knowing more than what they taught you in school in order to do it, you dig?

For example, in school, you’re taught to be a money earner. But not how to start a fire from scratch.

For folks like us, taking care of our own is a way of life. It’s a responsibility not taken lightly.

You see, I’m well aware we live in a brutal and chaotic world run by egomaniacs and plutocrats.

That the economy could become unhitched at any moment.

Look at the Suicides resulting from the 2008 housing bubble burst, the aftermath Hurricane Maria, North Korea’s political leader, Iran’s recently achieved nuclear capabilities,  and the fact the US dollar value is backed by trillions of “dollars” of debt and interest owed to China.

What keeps it all adhered together?

Whatever it is, it makes no difference.

The point is, I’m going to take care of my family no matter what the circumstance good or bad, I’m there.

It’s why we keep the gas tank above the halfway mark, food stored away and means to make a fire within reach wherever we go.

It’s more than just providing a paycheck. It’s a way of life.

No matter how small or insignificant one person is in comparison to global issues it’s your duty to be ready for any and all you can be, as you enjoy your normal day-to-day life.

If that is the kind of person you are and the values you share then my newsletter be a great fit for you, it’s an insider’s digest on the subject of survival and SHTF preparation.

If you are one of those who’s a know it all about survival and can survive in the Ozark mountains for a year toting nothing more than a can of corn and Bic lighter than you’re awesome already and don’t need me for anything.

But, if you see the value in learning and exploring survival subjects and getting insider insights on things like food water and shelter from a Christian’s perspective, then my newsletter Survivalite Companion may be the right “rag” for you to learn from and enjoy.

Printed, enveloped, and sent directly to your home, in the US and Canada.

Get all the details, and find out how you can get a Free copy of Survivalite Companion at my link, here: http://www.AbeYankee.com

Yours true

“uncle” Abe Yankee





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Abe Yankee talks Bruce Springsteen and waterproof tinder all in one post

Who was it that sang, you can’t start a fire without a spark?

– Bruce Springsteen, Dancing in the Dark.

Yeah, that’s it, and you can’t start a fire without tinder either, and what if you find yourself camped somewhere it’s recently been raining, any tinder you rustle-up is damp and you need to get a fire going and it doesn’t wanna lite so easy?

What then?

I’ll tell you “what then,” waterproof firestarter… homemade, in less than 30 minutes.

Here’s the formula.

You will need:

  • 1 – old coffee tin
  • 1 – medium-sized pot of water about half-full
  • 1 lb. paraffin (beads if possible, or chopped up into small chunks)
  • spool of natural brown craft twine, 100′ or so

Get a few cups of pure paraffin wax melted down in the old tin, set in the pot of boiling water.

Once the consistency is hot and runny, spool twine into the hot wax, in a spiral formation.

Keep spooling in the twine until it reaches just below the surface of the wax, let it “cook” over low boil for about 15 minutes to infuse twine thoroughly, then shut off the heat and let it cool in the can.

But don’t let wax and twine harden in the can, just cool enough to handle, still pasty and pliable you’ll gently re-spool the waxy twine onto the original spool, bag, and store.

Then next time you need to start a fire, cut off a few inches of this stuff and light it to get your (damp) sticks and leaves going.

If you liked that, you’ll like my newsletter, Survivalite Companion, get a free copy, all the details at my link, here: http://www.AbeYankee.com

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“uncle” Abe Yankee



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Don’t be a victim with a hood

If I can perpetually blame some woe of the past and hold it “hostage” as the guilty culprit for circumstances of my life today, I use it as the “perfect” excuse to not take responsibility for tomorrow.

-Is why victims come across as whiners.

They want everything to go their way without putting in the work yet don’t realize it until they do, finally realize it.

If they ever do…

I used to be like this for some time after my ex dumped me.

I blamed her for my pain, and while I can’t change her or my past, I can take charge of my future, by learning from my mistakes and by making strides towards the kind of life I want to live.

No one will ever say taking responsibility is easy.

But it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye or sitting around feeling sorry about anything, and yes, there is always the looming possibility of failure.

But such is life.

And it’s probably the subconscious acknowledgment of possible failure that keeps people “comfortable” playing the victim throughout entire lives and marching about pounding their chests and blaming politics and believing “there is nothing you can do about [such-and-such]”.

“Victimhood” always follows the perception of personal failure.

Which during and after any major PHTB (Poo Hits The Blades) scenario (many) ill-equipped people will personify, but not you.

You are different, my readers are different.

They’re the kind of people actively preparing and equipping themselves.

My readers are mentally fit and aware that life is not fair nor meant to be fair.

They’re actively doing whatever they can to be as best ready for anything that comes along, as best they can be.

Fact: the first principles of avoiding victimhood are taking charge and taking action.  

The upcoming June issue of Survivalite Companion Newsletter will discuss those principles with the following topics:

  • Prepper product cache & stash => bugging-out/in-ready products to keep on hand
  • Principles of conduct when P hits the B => how to conduct yourself in a responsible manner amongst friends and strangers when things get dire
  • Anti-victimhood “technology,” as in:
    • planning ahead
    • extra supplies
    • evading danger
    • avoid kidnappings and ransoms

All of which will make you both better prepared and aware of the lurking dangers after a disaster whether natural or manmade.

But I won’t sell it to you without you firstly signing up for daily emails, and as a bonus for doing so, I will send you a Free digital copy of Survivalite Companion Newsletter (PDF).

Get the details at my link, here: http://www.AbeYankee.com

Yours true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee


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Why you shouldn’t be paying off debt

According to recent data tallied by the Social Security Administration, 50% of American’s earn less than 30k a year.

That means most American’s are broke.

Why are American’s so broke?

Two reasons right off the top: greed and credit.

Now, I’m not here to judge and I’m not rich.

But consider this, what is the one thing (most) broke people, and rich people want more of (for various reasons of course)?


That’s right, and why?

So they can get what they ain’t got and because they think that once they get the thing the “bread” will buy, they suppose they’ll have peace of mind, right?


And these days the most accessible way, especially for the poor and underfunded, or the in the worst of cases the already overleveraged, can get there hands on what they want or need or think they need “right now!” is:


But credit makes its owner a bond slave to the creditor, getting rich from the interest.

How much money does the United States owe, and to who? It’s crazy…

And it’s why I said in the title, not to pay off debt.

But instead, don’t have it at all. (Easier said than done, I get it. I should take my own advice…)

If you’ve got the dough, buy “it,” if not, don’t.

That’ll correct the economy and deflate inflation, and put a serious dent in the rate of rapid global warming, just think: since global warming is caused by industry and industry is inflated by debt.

A little “pie in the sky” but it’s true, think about it, it starts with me it starts with you.

(Whatcha gonna do?)

Oh, to die debt free, wouldn’t that be nice (success for modern times)…

And if you thought that was interesting, sign up for my daily emails.

As a bonus, I’ll send you a Free digital copy my newsletter, Survivalite Companion.

Get all the details here, at http://www.AbeYankee.com

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“uncle” Abe Yankee



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How ready are you right now?

My first encounter with “prepper” life was reading a book by secretive author Claude Hopkins called, The Lost Ways.

For its worth, an excellent read stocked full of recipes, anecdotes, and tech. from old times still applicable today.

It was after reading that book I began embracing preps as a necessity, as a responsible adult, father, and free-thinking man living in a chaotic modern world.

No, I’m not the best-trained or the most prepared person on the planet.

In fact, my prepper expertise probably pales poorly in comparison to many of the weirdos attracted to self-sufficiency and preparedness way of life.

But so what, because you gotta start somewhere.

And transforming yourself from flat-out ignorant to “expert” is no overnight venture, it takes time, thought and practice. Like anything does.

In fact, it was just this very morning that I finally purchase-ordered 3 Lifestraws, 100 water purification tablets, a travel first aid and survival kit complete with a compass, emergency whistle, and flint. As well as 80 servings of 25-year shelf life survival food, for my family.

The next step is getting outdoors with the family and practicing some outdoor living experience.

We’ll call it a mini-vacation, a few nights outdoors with provisions and cooking by fire!

Being prepared comes gaining understanding and experience and why I research and write 6 on the subject of prepper life, you could say it’s a passion, but I consider being prepared “living life.”

And it’s why I write the Survivalite Companion Newsletter to help the “clueless” get a clue.

Researching and presenting information intended to equip you with the knowledge you need to protect yourself and family from social, political, and commercial interests that want to keep you ignorant, average, and in debt.

The other reason is to get paid.

Not get rich, but remain independent with time to think and do as I wish.

Sign up for daily emails list and qualify yourself for a Free digital copy of my newsletter, Survivalite Companion.

Get the details at, http://www.AbeYankee.com

Your true

“uncle” Abe Yankee




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The day the US dollar dies

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I am no economic expert.

Nor do I completely understand the way the US dollar functions in relationship to the global economy other than its dominant role in international commerce.

However, I do have some basic understanding, and if there is one thing I am sure of is that the US economy has a serious problem with debt and inflation.

And so does its citizens who teeter through life borrowing money with credit cards, student loans, and whathaveyou.

The US economy is foolishly resting its laurels atop an insurmountable Mount Everest of debt which inevitably will one day collapse its economy.

It has to.

What happens if you continue to fill a balloon with air?

The economic structure is the balloon.

Inflation is caused by dept.

Dept is the air.

It has no base value other than the balancing of debt and inflation which in reality is the equivalent of a traveling carnival’s “fun house” where nothing is as it seems.

Oh sure, your neighbor Larry Lunchmeat just bought a brand new $60k truck with $20k down, but his plan is to carry $750 monthly note for the next 4/5 years at 7% interest…

Folks, that is bad economics.

We have got to free ourselves from the “in-debt” way of life, from our shoes and tools all the way to our vacations and homes.

No more debt.

That is one way to manually correct the US economy, starting with you and me in our own homes.

But I know how it is, no one wants to hear this, they just want their “bright and shiny” objects. Or worse, they’re flat broke and have to buy groceries on credit.

I’ve been there and done that.

The problem is that when the poo-finally-hits-the-blades and the US dollar defaults, the world’s economy will fall apart, riots will ensue, people will die.

Think about the reality check of people used to living on the dole suddenly not getting a check and access to groceries, because shelves are empty.

It’s gonna get hairy quick, people gonna die and get beat up, and angry starving folks are gonna come searchin’ and a-knockin’ at your door.

Are you prepared for that day?

I’m not, but I am preparing.

With knowledge, supplies, and practice.

As well as awareness.

And it’s why I decided to help you and all interested prepare themselves for life with my Survivalite Companion Newsletter.

for example, the upcoming June issue is chock-full of things you’ll need to know when PHTB.

Things like,

  • Prepper Product Cache and Stash, i.e., bugging out products to keep on hand and ready for when it’s time to get out of dodge or hunker down
  • Principles of conduct when PHTB, people consider themselves and their clanmates in bugging preparations out but consider this, you will likely come across starving or desperate people in your travels and “hunkers,” they’ll want what you have and might even get nasty about it.
    What to do? Read the June issue for additional ways to be ready to be prepared.
  • How to avoid victimization when PHTB, as in Kidnappings, having supplies, planning, and evading danger.

If that interests you then you may want to get your grubby little paws on a Free copy of Survivalite Companion Newsletter to see for yourself what the hype is about.

Details at my link, here, http://www.AbeYankee.com

Yours true

“uncle” Abe Yankee






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