Who do you trust?

Earlier this morning I read on a prepper forum I like, a post about, “who to trust?.”

The post got a mixed bag of responses, but mainly, “trust with caution” was looming afterthought came away with.

Good advise, in general, but let me tell you my take on trust.

I’ve been burned and lied to like many folks have. I have a problem with trust and can be a bit jaded at times.

But a principle of faith I learned to follow, and keep up with most of the time is, “don’t be shady.”

Ironically, and it seems, that some of the shadiest people “out there,” are people untrusting of others…

So then, the cure for distrust is to be trustworthy ourselves.

Don’t be sly and slick, slick is slippery and slippery surfaces will eventually cause you to fall.

Like, take for example R. P. Hanssen, the biggest threat to United States National Security, in history.

Hanssen was busted back around the year 2k for selling secrets to the KGB for over twenty years, beginning as far back as 1979.

And through the fall of the former Soviet Union.

Hanssen was an agent working for feds, who many didn’t trust during his career, but no one, except his wife (although he shook her off his tale for suspicion years prior to his arrest), had a clue as to what this joker was doing all those years.

Talk about untrustworthy.

The guy was a psycho. And I profile his life of double-crossing espionage, cheating, and egotistical fragility all the way from his youth.

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It’s a bit unsettling, I know.

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Your true,

Abe Yankee





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