Being prepared makes you a target, so get ready

“Desperate and unprepared parties and individuals tried to rob and pillage those with food and fuel supplies because they had planned ahead” (paraphrased).

~Author is unknown.

In several emails I read, someone reposted online giving an account of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, sharing lessons learned and perspective that didn’t surprise me.

Some of them were:

  • Some people caught off guard and unprepared by the storm felt entitled to food and supplies had by others because they were desperate.
    And in desperation resorted to violence and crime in order to get what they needed and wanted from those who had provisions.

It doesn’t surprise me, one bit when people show their nature. People are selfish by nature and will rationalize anything to commit just about anything in order to survive.

And as a result, when SHTF, many times, decency goes out-the-window.

  • If you intend to hold down the fort during a disaster, keep additional supplies and cash-on-hand, to give away as a deterrent to a possible onslaught of hungry desperate hordes.
    Keep your personal supply cache out of sight and out of mind.

I’ve envisioned of hordes of zombies as I write this letter, picturing bewildered clusters and loners, of starving bloody walking “corpses” desperate for food and shelter, potentially violent and willing to feed on you, should you not have some way to satisfy them or comply with their demands.

  • Get out of dodge! Have a safe place to go, be ready and stay supplied so that in a pinch you grab n’ go.As in:
    • Throw your sachels in the truck
    • Lock-up your home (or maybe don’t lock it…)
    • Top-off the fuel tank and (reserve tanks)
    • Get outta-town to your bunker, etc. Have a predetermined, safe place to go. Preferably isolated

This mostly applies to people living in heavily populated regions, but not necessarily.

Whether you have supplies or not, people will eventually come searching for anything they can get there hands on to survive. You can count on it.

Can you blame ’em?

Anyway, something to consider.

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Your true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee


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