Remarkable off-grid pioneer makes homemade toothpaste, bread, and brew-haha

I don’t know, but you may have heard of the man Mark Boyle, living in the rural outer reaches of Ireland’s countryside.

My kind f guy, this bloke gave up his well educated, up-and-coming-professional lifestyle and profession, as an organic food firm manager, to become a true-blue countryfied bumkin.

Complete with homemade toothpaste, bread, and brew-haha, and fresh fish caught in a pond the mere skip of a 15 miles journey away…

Way to go Mark!

But on the serious side, and I sincerely admire the guy, able to buy a three-acre scrap of land in the green Irish countryside, build a complete cabin sans-running water and electricity, with his own bare hands (I imagine), funded entirely by the proceeds from a book he wrote based on a personal journey and experience of living without money in the book The Moneyless Man (ironic), I imagine “off-grid” life just a wee bit more modernistic, like with access to electricity (not that there is anything wrong naught-modern amenities).

For example, his girlfriend (the love of his life) left him.

He might be craving the little-house-on-the-prairie life, but few do.

She didn’t, unfortunately for him, not her.

And neither would I.

You see, my background as an electrician has made me proud of electricity. It’s fast, convenient, and is as organic as the garbanzo beans growing in your compost fed raised herb garden out yonder.

It’s pure energy.

The problem is our dependency on the electrical grid, and it’s proprietors short armed hands in our lint laden pockets.

I believe in off-grid power…

But in the meantime, as I am an admitted, socially and economically dependent participant in modern day society (against my will, I promise).

And I’d imagine most (still) are.

If the grid shut’s down temporarily, it’s nice to have a generator.

And that’s why I wrote, a homeowners guide for sizing home generator systems.

Complete with step-by-step load calculations, and an inside scoop as to how and why electricians think about your electrical system the way we do.

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Here’s the link:

Your true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee


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