Government crack-down on “bad apples” exposes its true nature

Anyone who thinks a strong central government is a great idea is nutzo.

I’ll tell you why in two words, no, actually three words.

First two words, human nature.

The third, sin.

People (e.g., humans nature) always get their kicks off by controlling others in society, aka, government, social order, social justice or injustice, etc.

Control has never failed to be the ultimate climactic goal for any human government, whether at the outset or through natural evolution, of its citizens, and the world surrounding it.

If you can find me one that doesn’t operate this way, do tell. I’m all ears…

But you can’t.

And then about sin, human nature is, by nature, corrupt from birth (I know this goes against some new age philosophy, however, it is true) henceforth the old adage, “ultimate power corrupts.”

Corruption = immorality = sin.

Alrighty then, enough soap-boxing…

Time to get to the topic.

Social Credit, ever heard of it?

I’ll explain, China since 2014, has implemented a social credit system to rate its citizens based on sometimes secret and also not-so-secret criteria.

Anything from whether or not you helped an old lady across the street to, did you legally pay your taxes.

A good rating allows you to do things like buying a home and attend quality schools.

A bad social credit score, limits freedoms.

Example, if your parents are considered “bad apples” you’re going to be stuck attending the low-class schools and denied access to private ones.

Social Credit System is meant to reward good citizens and punish the “bad.”

Very Sociology 101-ish.

Nothing like a fresh dose of “big brother” to warm the soul.

Anyhow, if stuff like this concerns you (it might if you value personal autonomy and self-directed thoughts and activity), I discuss some of the inevitable implications of why we’re gonna be screwed in the long run because of overbearing governmental manipulation, backed by big-data.

To see for yourself, go to this link and download a free issue of my newsletter, Survivalite Companion, today:

Yours true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee




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