Don’t let the poo hit you where it hurts

Natural disasters produce results.

Some good some bad, I’ll lead with good.

People come together, help each other, forget “differences,” and pray (more). I’ve heard it said that in war, even the atheists pray (“God if you’re out there….”).

When SH’sTF you’ll forget about the bologna, and care only about what really matters most, like food, friends, family, shelter, and oh yeah did I mention?, God (heaven forbid).

Oher good thing can happen too, like insurance payouts.

But of course, there’s always a toll booth with disaster and the pain in most cases sill outweighs most any benefits.

Like death and trauma, and stress, and loss in general.

And you know that when things get desperate, some (but, not all) people get shady and do anything to ensure survival, like kidnapping or holding hostage spouses or children, and even pets (or any vulnerability they can exploit) in order to leverage compliance.

Yup, it’s not hard to believe when you really consider it all, and the “black-hat” could be a stranger or even a neighbor, imagine that…

And so, it’s important to be wary of people’s primal/animal instincts that can become dangerous under the worst circumstances.

It all roots back to fight or flight.

So, to avoid becoming the victim, or a family member becoming one when PHTB (Poo Hits The Blades) scenario, read the next issue of the Survialte Companion Newsletter.

In it, I bring good points to the table discussing

  • Avoiding Victimhood When PHTB, as mentioned above, plus other good stuff too.

As well as

  • The Prepper Product Cache & Stash, i.e., what to pack and stack when it’s time to boogie down the road and get out of dodge with the quickness, so you are ready at the drop of a feather, in minimal time.

And finally

  • Principles Of Personal Conduct When SH’sTF…, what to do when hungry hordes are lurking, things to keep on hand in order to maintain peace and order with strangers (to avoid resorting to the 12 gauge, which can make things messy fast).

If this sorta stuff strikes your curiosity, then you’ll want to get your grubby little paws on a free (digital) back issue copy and experience the Survivalite Companion Newsletter for yourself.

Go to the following link to get it:

Your true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee

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