It was hell down there

I was reading about huge underground tunnel systems under major cities across the United States and questions about what they were originally designed for and in the case of fallout as to whether or not they would be good as places to escape or hide when SHTF…

I don’t know about you but going underground to survive would not be my first choice, but if necessary I might be able to adapt.

I’ll be honest and admit that living in an underground tunnel system gives me the willies because I think of living constantly in darkness.

But I could see coming up for daylight and provisions then making my way back to the underground lair a possibility.

One problem would be that bandits would find tunnel entrances and stake them out, we’re talking dire circumstances.

So, a secret entrance/exit would be ideal but unlikely.

When I was a teenager growing up in East Oakland, CA, there was (is) a tunnel system, a creek flow, and drainage system leading down from the hills towards the “flats” we would explore on a dare and without flashlights called The Hell Tunnels.

I hated it down there because I couldn’t see anything.

But living down there, or something like it, forget it.

I’d rather live in a cave, if possible, with some elevation.

Either way though, there are always inherent dangers with any circumstance, henceforth they don’t call it Survival for nothing…

Furthermore, Survival is an endless topic with an endless discussion.

And as far as I’m concerned to ignore Preps is foolishness, but to think you’re somehow ready for “anything” is utter ignorance.

No one is ready for “anything. ”

All it takes is a broken collar bone to end that noise.

So do what you can, be smart be diligent and take as little as possible for granted.

That’s the mindset I pursue as the unRighteousRebel and in my monthly newsletter, Survivalite Companion.

Read it, and see for yourself, here

Your true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee

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