The day the US dollar dies

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I am no economic expert.

Nor do I completely understand the way the US dollar functions in relationship to the global economy other than its dominant role in international commerce.

However, I do have some basic understanding, and if there is one thing I am sure of is that the US economy has a serious problem with debt and inflation.

And so does its citizens who teeter through life borrowing money with credit cards, student loans, and whathaveyou.

The US economy is foolishly resting its laurels atop an insurmountable Mount Everest of debt which inevitably will one day collapse its economy.

It has to.

What happens if you continue to fill a balloon with air?

The economic structure is the balloon.

Inflation is caused by dept.

Dept is the air.

It has no base value other than the balancing of debt and inflation which in reality is the equivalent of a traveling carnival’s “fun house” where nothing is as it seems.

Oh sure, your neighbor Larry Lunchmeat just bought a brand new $60k truck with $20k down, but his plan is to carry $750 monthly note for the next 4/5 years at 7% interest…

Folks, that is bad economics.

We have got to free ourselves from the “in-debt” way of life, from our shoes and tools all the way to our vacations and homes.

No more debt.

That is one way to manually correct the US economy, starting with you and me in our own homes.

But I know how it is, no one wants to hear this, they just want their “bright and shiny” objects. Or worse, they’re flat broke and have to buy groceries on credit.

I’ve been there and done that.

The problem is that when the poo-finally-hits-the-blades and the US dollar defaults, the world’s economy will fall apart, riots will ensue, people will die.

Think about the reality check of people used to living on the dole suddenly not getting a check and access to groceries, because shelves are empty.

It’s gonna get hairy quick, people gonna die and get beat up, and angry starving folks are gonna come searchin’ and a-knockin’ at your door.

Are you prepared for that day?

I’m not.

But I am getting ready for it with supplies, practice, and awareness.

And it’s why started writing the Survivalite Companion Newsletter, it is chock-full of things you’ll need to know when PHTB.

Things like,

  • Prepper Product Cache and Stash, i.e., bugging out products to keep on hand and ready for when it’s time to get out of dodge or hunker down
  • Principles of conduct when PHTB, people consider themselves and their clanmates in bugging preparations out but consider this, you will likely come across starving or desperate people in your travels and “hunkers,” they’ll want what you have and might even get nasty about it
  • How to avoid victimization when PHTB, as in Kidnappings, having supplies, planning, and evading danger

If that interests you then you will want to get a FREE copy, here:

Yours true

“uncle” Abe Yankee






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