How ready are you right now?

My first encounter with “prepper” life was reading a book by secretive author Claude Hopkins called, The Lost Ways.

For its worth, an excellent read stocked full of recipes, anecdotes, and tech. from old times still applicable today.

It was after reading that book I began embracing preps as a necessity, as a responsible adult, father, and free-thinking man living in a chaotic modern world.

No, I’m not the best-trained or the most prepared person on the planet.

In fact, my prepper expertise probably pales poorly in comparison to many of the weirdos attracted to self-sufficiency and preparedness way of life.

But so what, because you gotta start somewhere.

And transforming yourself from flat-out ignorant to “expert” is no overnight venture, it takes time, thought and practice. Like anything does.

In fact, it was just this very morning that I finally purchase-ordered 3 Lifestraws, 100 water purification tablets, a travel first aid and survival kit complete with a compass, emergency whistle, and flint. As well as 80 servings of 25-year shelf life survival food, for my family.

The next step is getting outdoors with the family and practicing some outdoor living experience.

We’ll call it a mini-vacation, a few nights outdoors with provisions and cooking by fire!

Being prepared comes gaining understanding and experience and why I research and write 6 on the subject of prepper life, you could say it’s a passion, but I consider being prepared “living life.”

And it’s why I write the Survivalite Companion Newsletter to help you get a clue and arm you with what you need to protect yourself and family from social, political, and commercial interests that want to keep you ignorant, average, and in debt.

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Yours true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee




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