Why you shouldn’t be paying off debt

According to recent data tallied by the Social Security Administration, 50% of American’s earn less than 30k a year.

That means most American’s are broke.

Why are American’s so broke?

Two reasons right off the top: greed and credit.

Now, I’m not here to judge and I’m not rich.

But consider this, what is the one thing (most) broke people, and rich people want more of (for various reasons of course)?


That’s right, and why?

So they can get what they ain’t got and because they think that once they get the thing the “bread” will buy, they suppose they’ll have peace of mind, right?


And these days the most accessible way, especially for the poor and underfunded, or the in the worst of cases the already overleveraged, can get there hands on what they want or need or think they need “right now!” is:


But credit makes its owner a bond slave to the creditor, getting rich from the interest.

How much money does the United States owe, and to who? It’s crazy…

And it’s why I said in the title, not to pay off debt.

But instead, don’t have it at all. (Easier said than done, I get it. I should take my own advice…)

If you’ve got the dough, buy “it,” if not, don’t.

That’ll correct the economy and deflate inflation, and put a serious dent in the rate of rapid global warming, just think: since global warming is caused by industry and industry is inflated by debt.

A little “pie in the sky” but it’s true, think about it, it starts with me it starts with you.

(Whatcha gonna do?)

Oh, to die debt free, wouldn’t that be nice (success for modern times)…

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