Don’t be a victim with a hood

If I can perpetually blame some woe of the past and hold it “hostage” as the guilty culprit for circumstances of my life today, I use it as the “perfect” excuse to not take responsibility for tomorrow.

-Is why victims come across as whiners.

They want everything to go their way without putting in the work yet don’t realize it until they do, finally realize it.

If they ever do…

I used to be like this for some time after my ex dumped me.

I blamed her for my pain, and while I can’t change her or my past, I can take charge of my future, by learning from my mistakes and by making strides towards the kind of life I want to live.

No one will ever say taking responsibility is easy.

But it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye or sitting around feeling sorry about anything, and yes, there is always the looming possibility of failure.

But such is life.

And it’s probably the subconscious acknowledgment of possible failure that keeps people “comfortable” playing the victim throughout entire lives and marching about pounding their chests and blaming politics and believing “there is nothing you can do about [such-and-such]”.

“Victimhood” always follows the perception of personal failure.

Which during and after any major PHTB (Poo Hits The Blades) scenario (many) ill-equipped people will personify, but not you.

You are different, my readers are different.

They’re the kind of people actively preparing and equipping themselves.

My readers are mentally fit and aware that life is not fair nor meant to be fair.

They’re actively doing whatever they can to be as best ready for anything that comes along, as best they can be.

Fact: the first principles of avoiding victimhood are taking charge and taking action.  

The upcoming June issue of Survivalite Companion Newsletter will discuss those principles with the following topics:

  • Prepper product cache & stash => bugging-out/in-ready products to keep on hand
  • Principles of conduct when P hits the B => how to conduct yourself in a responsible manner amongst friends and strangers when things get dire
  • Anti-victimhood “technology,” as in:
    • planning ahead
    • extra supplies
    • evading danger
    • avoid kidnappings and ransoms

All of which will make you both better prepared and aware of the lurking dangers after a disaster whether natural or manmade.

But I won’t sell it to you without you firstly signing up for daily emails, and as a bonus for doing so, I will send you a Free digital copy of Survivalite Companion Newsletter (PDF).

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Yours true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee


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