Politics taken too seriously is stupid and dangerous

Politics taken seriously by idiots is a dangerous thing.

But then again, in all truth who am I to call anyone an idiot? No one indeed is the short answer.

Like for example, I read of a  woman from the San Francisco Bay Area who threw a political rant at a man in a Starbucks coffee house because he was wearing a Make America Great Again hat, geez, apparently a crime in the spin city of progressive liberals.

I deliberately won’t mention her name, as I’m not really interested in bashing her or have anything against her, an article is easy enough to find about the incident that occurred in Palo Alto, CA, sometime in April 2019 (I’m pretty sure)…

But the fact that she’s supposedly gone “missing” (more like hiding), after publicly displaying her outrage then followed up by posting on Farcebook, claiming “she’s speaking up against fascism, and you should too,” oh how ironic, and began getting threats apparently is pretty outrageous.

She sure did stir up a nasty little storm for herself, to begin with…

Then lost her job.

Then was even kicked off of an SF Bay Areas “Progressive Politics Committee,” officially “stepping down,” goes to show how wacky self-appointed political punditry can become, and in fact, has become.

It’s probably wise to stay aware of politics, I agree and admittedly don’t really. 

But to get so far down the line as to publically berate people over a politically charged hat worn in a free country is, well I guess, anyone’s “right” to do so, in the name of freedom.

But still, indecent.

And as retarded as I think it is to get all worked up and yell at anyone for most anything, is not what alarms me, it’s the fire that burns within so many folks and is ready to burst out and burn any opposition in its path that does concern me.

It’s righteous indignation sans the hope of rectification that sent our viscerally vexed Starbucks Coffee compatriot plundering down the path of personal social mayhem.

And as simple-minded and flaccid as it may seem in comparison to using “force” to improve circumstances, it’s faith and hope in the God of love that delivers clarity and a sense of order out of a world of chaos.

You see, we are in a battle against the results of acting out of our carnal human nature for thousands of years consecutively.

But it’s through seeking God we find the alternative and experience true peace.

Here’s a question…

What would happen if Hurricane Maria hit your home town today, resulting in the same aftermath of death and destruction that it did for Puerto Rico?

It would be chaos and destruction, people would be hurt and some would die.

What then (besides prayer) would you do?

I’ll tell you, you would take care of those closest to you.

Reality check, most Americans have a job that takes up too much time and pays too little, they eat too much, and watch too much TV.

We are a nation of dependents.

The truth is that most of us don’t know how to take care of ourselves let alone, those closest also.

Ask ye self the following questions.

Where would I get food without the store being open after most pantry supplies run low?

Without town water or bottled H2o, how can I curate clean drinking water for me my fam?

Do I know how to start a fire for food and for warmth if ever needed?

What happens if the grid shuts down for a week? And what if it’s the middle of the winter?

What then, how do I stay warm?

Do you have the knowledge and resources to build a temporary shelter if need be?

All relevant questions. And potentially scary and possibly life-threatening if the answer to any of em’ is, “gee I don’t know.”

And here’s another thing, if you after reading those questions your thoughts in reply are, “this is dumb.”

Then good luck to you if life gets gritty suddenly, though it may never, for you.

Just remember for some people it does, and often unexpectedly.

Personally speaking, and hopefully for you too, is that when it comes to staying alive, I want to know than just the basics, beyond the modern conveniences-we’ve been conditioned beyond recognition to take for granted…

And that’s why I created and feel ever so strongly compelled to write the Survivalite Companion Newsletter.

It’s designed to be an informational resource of unconventional wisdomdry and entertainment honoring the disciplines of self-sufficiency, independence, and worst case scenario survival tactics.

It’s all about you, and it’s written for you, and me.

You see, we’re the kind of people who understand that there is more to life than just “getting by” and relying on politicians for help and security. Some of us are more straight-laced than, some more unconventional, but we’re all a little rough around the edges.

We value the principles of self-respect and integrity and we don’t necessarily believe all the junk the media feeds us in the headlines.

We think for ourselves and are anti-PC.

We believe being fair and earning our own keep. And we don’t the government or the self-appointed thought police telling how to live our lives.

So anyhow, I’d be glad to send you one FREE copy of my Survivalite Companion Newsletter.

Get it today, here: www.AbeYankee.com

Yours true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee






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