What political activists’ could learn from children

Kids are into politics, but at least they get over it.

I’ve got kids and I love them dearly, but they drive me absolutely nuts sometimes.

Why? politics.

I watch them fight over the TV or snacks, or toothbrushes, or whatever darn-picking thing that tickles their fancy and the other one wants.

At times they are relentless about it too.

It turns into a kicking or hitting match, a name-calling fight with phrases like “I hate you” being thrown around.

But next thing you know they get over it, and they’re loving it up again…

One minute life is grand, the next they’re ready to break someone’s arm over a cookie or video game controller.

Then they’re friends all over again.

I wish older kids could do the same thing, but they don’t seem to.

You know, the ones that consider themselves adults?

No, instead what big kids do is join echo chambers that support their political views and shutout any outside thoughts or facts that don’t support their accepted ideology and theologies.

And the worst ones get hysterical in the presence of opposition.

It’s absolutely pathetic!

Like the other day, I was watching an NBC blurb about far-right fanatics clashing with far-left fanatics, getting into fistfights and ranting and yelling at each other.

Polar opposites, each group (gang) promotes and justifies physical violence in the name of their cause, towards one another.

To me, both ends of the political spectrum suck-an-egg and attract depraved individuals more concerned with enforcing their “rightness” than creating a functional society.

But hey, I’m not here to tell anyone how to think.

I’m okay with you not agreeing with me.

We don’t have to fight about it…

Just keeping my side of the room swept and tidy is my duty, to protect my family and look out for their interests and put up with them as they put up with me, is my main responsibility.

And to be honest I’ve read some about the far right and far left perspectives and can understand their differences to some degree or another, more or less agreeing and disagreeing with certain points with both sides.

I just don’t let it ruin my day.

Or insist on ruining anyone else’s day over it…

If either side came to my home in need and was a decent human being, not threatening my family with their BS ideologies, I’d take them in and give them a bite, allow them to clean up and use the johnny if needed.

Because that is a decent way to do things in the book I read from.

But here is the thing, just about no one will be stopping by my place looking for help or free lunch since we live in such an abundant demographic.

But if poo ever hit the proverbial fan blades, they just might come looking for help, could be anyone for that matter.

And it’s why as I gather supplies and knowledge to be prepared for catastrophe.

Not just for me’s and mines’ but for the weary wanderer in need of some help.

Cause you never know when you may need a little extra for someone else you were not expecting.

Extra meals, extra TP, spare cash, you get the idea.

Those are the kinda things I think are important ideologies.

Looking out for you is great, but be prepared to help out the next man or woman or child as well.

In issue #2 of Survivalite Companion Newsletter, I go into more detail on how to conduct your self in such a way in a survival scenario as to promote harmony with desperate neighbors or strangers and also how to keep your family safe from potential threats.

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Yours true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee


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