How steroid infested pig-meat processing facilities can motivate healthier choices

I’ve been reading a book I discovered on Amazon, purchased and downloaded called “When There Is No Doctor” by Gerard S. Doyle. It’s pretty good.

The theme is preventative care and what it means be remain healthy during the good times and ways to plan ahead so you have needed supplies and even training, as a way of going in strong when health and safety are potentially compromised.

What the book is not is a step by step how-to manual.

As for not heeding danger, take for example the Chinese conglomerate owned pork processing plant recently shut down in the midwest United States because employees contracted the virus and spread to each other, all while the corporate white-collars knowingly kept hush-hush about it, to keep production levels up and liability costs down. Eventually leading to the plant being shut down which then left local pork farmers unable to sell and overstocked with steroid infested slaughter-hogs once slaughterhouse workers were home, sick with COVID 19, and processing at a sudden halt.

That is the exact opposite of preventative care…

If you’re a regular guy like me, who works hard enough but has a bit of a lazy streak at times and who doesn’t always eat the best. Let this be a warning and hopefully a motivator.

Taking a walk, swim, or bike ride, cutting (way-way) down if not altogether curbing junk food and alcohol from our diets, and don’t even mention smoking (and vaping) since that’s just downright stupid, could mean the literal difference between life or death next time the proverbial “turd” hits the fan-blades.

Taking a first-aid or CPR course in spare time is a way to remain in charge of yours or loved ones well being in a pinch. Courses are offered by the Red Cross and American Heart Association a simple Google search and few minutes on their site can get pointed in the right direction as to discovering where and when free workshops are held.

And just as a personal side note, a few years ago I was overweight, not super fat but certainly considered a fat a** by my co-workers as they ungraciously reminded me from time to time, and I can tell you from personal experience that just modifying my diet had a tremendous effect on my waistline by changing my body chemistry causing me to burn fat as fuel instead of sugar by bigtime-reducing carbohydrates, and increasing fruits veggies, healthy fats and proteins.

And that’s not dieting advice.

All that said to encourage you and any other soul unfortunate enough to come across this post to plan ahead for the worst but always maintain hope for the best and, check out the book I mentioned in the first paragraph if you’re interested.

All the best,

“uncle” Abe Yankee

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