Some thoughts while sippin’ a Corona thinking about Covid-19…

I’m an occasional beer drinker. Lately seems to be the occasion, namely, Corona Extra long-necks seems an appropriate brew.

Admittedly, not being one to take things seriously at first I scoffed at the thought of the Coronavirus altering my lifestyle and the foolery of people buying up all the TP and paper towels and hand-sanitizer.

But now more than ever this thing has got my attention.

Well here is something to think about (and if I’m thinking about it, I’m certain I ain’t the only one who is), before we ever got hit with this virus there has been a lot of psychopaths out there shooting people and running people over and it’s been making the headlines. The well known Columbine shooting incident is a perfect example and of the kind of psychopath-ism I’m referring to, or more recently the jack-noob who went on a shooting spree at the concert in Las Vegas.

So, with all the attention this stupid thing’s been getting, and the death toll rising, what if the “sport” of causing worldwide catastrophes becomes the new bright-and-shiny-objective of organized terrorist groups and/or solo bad-acts? To get people sick and cause chaos and death and destroy economies.

And I don’t suggest this lightly, I mean this is a genuine concern. With the amount of damage COVID 19 has unleashed in such a short time and the damaging effect it has had on schooling and business’… I’ll take a wild guess and say that there are those who’ve also taken notice with wrong intentions in mind. And even if they have to suffer because of some evil plot unleashed on the greater society they may consider it “worth-it!”, as the old saying goes, misery loves company.

Just saying, something to think about.

The solution? I honestly do not know, but I am thinking about it! What thoughts or concerns do you come up with? You can tell me on the contact form.

Be well,

“uncle” Abe Yankee

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