Hi, I’m Abe Yankee…

Just a guy who has spent too many years working hard to make a living and not enough time away from “working all the time” to discover his personal interests and hobbies.

After unexpectedly becoming a single father in my mid-thirties, I was left to decide what it was I was going to do with my life going forward and throughout a painful period of soulsearching, I decided to get after the things in life that meant the most.

For me, that meant spending time with family, going on adventures to new places, and spending time outdoors.

One of the things I value most is knowing how to survive a tough situation, such as a pandemic or natural disaster or whatever comes along to upset normal living. It is anyone’s decision made consciously or not to strive for personal autonomy. Learning to be prepared and attempting to remain a step ahead with supplies, knowledge, and skills is a lifestyle decision not everyone is up for. For those who are, this website is for you.

That’s why I began writing as an outlet for ideas and a way of relating to people sharing similar values. My goal is to assist people in living lives of personal autonomy, independence, and preparedness.

I’m no expert in the matter of survival and I won’t pretend to be one, but rather an apprentice learning the craft of preparedness all the while raising a family and working for a living. Just a regular Joe with a passion for prepping.

Join me as I experiment, explore, and discover my hobby with interest in the world of bushcraft gear and technology, simpler-time food recipes, and DIY projects anyone can do.

All the best,
“uncle” Abe Yankee