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Some thoughts while sippin’ a Corona thinking about Covid-19…

I’m an occasional beer drinker. Lately seems to be the occasion, namely, Corona Extra long-necks seems an appropriate brew. Admittedly, not being one to take things seriously at first I scoffed at the thought of the Coronavirus altering my lifestyle … Continue reading

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How steroid infested pig-meat processing facilities can motivate healthier choices

I’ve been reading a book I discovered on Amazon, purchased and downloaded called “When There Is No Doctor” by Gerard S. Doyle. It’s pretty good. The theme is preventative care and what it means be remain healthy during the good … Continue reading

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A fix for rolling eyeballs

There are those unprepared who roll their eyes when they see someone buying in excess items normally taken for granted like, but-wipe, and the larger-sized 2.5-gallon water jugs at the supermarket. But I bet them same eyeballs ain’t rolling no … Continue reading

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