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Remarkable off-grid pioneer makes homemade toothpaste, bread, and brew-haha

I don’t know, but you may have heard of the man Mark Boyle, living in the rural outer reaches of Ireland’s countryside. My kind f guy, this bloke gave up his well educated, up-and-coming-professional lifestyle and profession, as an organic … Continue reading

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Being prepared makes you a target, so get ready

“Desperate and unprepared parties and individuals tried to rob and pillage those with food and fuel supplies because they had planned ahead” (paraphrased). ~Author is unknown. In several emails I read, someone reposted online giving an account of the aftermath … Continue reading

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Who do you trust?

Earlier this morning I read on a prepper forum I like, a post about, “who to trust?.” The post got a mixed bag of responses, but mainly, “trust with caution” was looming afterthought came away with. Good advise, in general, … Continue reading

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How to transform to a survivor-macGyver, if you’ve been a working “stiff” thus far

You gotta start somewhere. Years ago, I wanted to start a camp in the woods for people to have a “survivor-macGyver” training experiences. A fun place to go, a ranch to romp and stomp and practice warfare simulations while driving … Continue reading

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