Government crack-down on “bad apples” exposes its true nature

Anyone who thinks a strong central government is a great idea is nutzo.

I’ll tell you why in two words, no, actually three words.

First two words, human nature.

The third, sin.

People (e.g., humans nature) always get their kicks off by controlling others in society, aka, government, social order, social justice or injustice, etc.

Control has never failed to be the ultimate climactic goal for any human government, whether at the outset or through natural evolution, of its citizens, and the world surrounding it.

If you can find me one that doesn’t operate this way, do tell. I’m all ears…

But you can’t.

And then about sin, human nature is, by nature, corrupt from birth (I know this goes against some new age philosophy, however, it is true) henceforth the old adage, “ultimate power corrupts.”

Corruption = immorality = sin.

Alrighty then, enough soap-boxing…

Time to get to the topic.

Social Credit, ever heard of it?

I’ll explain, China since 2014, has implemented a social credit system to rate its citizens based on sometimes secret and also not-so-secret criteria.

Anything from whether or not you helped an old lady across the street to, did you legally pay your taxes.

A good rating allows you to do things like buying a home and attend quality schools.

A bad social credit score, limits freedoms.

Example, if your parents are considered “bad apples” you’re going to be stuck attending the low-class schools and denied access to private ones.

Social Credit System is meant to reward good citizens and punish the “bad.”

Very Sociology 101-ish.

Nothing like a fresh dose of “big brother” to warm the soul.

Anyhow, if stuff like this concerns you (it might if you value personal autonomy and self-directed thoughts and activity), I discuss some of the inevitable implications of why we’re gonna be screwed in the long run because of overbearing governmental manipulation, backed by big-data.

To see for yourself, go to this link and download a free issue of my newsletter, Survivalite Companion, today:

Yours true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee




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Remarkable off-grid pioneer makes homemade toothpaste, bread, and brew-haha

I don’t know, but you may have heard of the man Mark Boyle, living in the rural outer reaches of Ireland’s countryside.

My kind f guy, this bloke gave up his well educated, up-and-coming-professional lifestyle and profession, as an organic food firm manager, to become a true-blue countryfied bumkin.

Complete with homemade toothpaste, bread, and brew-haha, and fresh fish caught in a pond the mere skip of a 15 miles journey away…

Way to go Mark!

But on the serious side, and I sincerely admire the guy, able to buy a three-acre scrap of land in the green Irish countryside, build a complete cabin sans-running water and electricity, with his own bare hands (I imagine), funded entirely by the proceeds from a book he wrote based on a personal journey and experience of living without money in the book The Moneyless Man (ironic), I imagine “off-grid” life just a wee bit more modernistic, like with access to electricity (not that there is anything wrong naught-modern amenities).

For example, his girlfriend (the love of his life) left him.

He might be craving the little-house-on-the-prairie life, but few do.

She didn’t, unfortunately for him, not her.

And neither would I.

You see, my background as an electrician has made me proud of electricity. It’s fast, convenient, and is as organic as the garbanzo beans growing in your compost fed raised herb garden out yonder.

It’s pure energy.

The problem is our dependency on the electrical grid, and it’s proprietors short armed hands in our lint laden pockets.

I believe in off-grid power…

But in the meantime, as I am an admitted, socially and economically dependent participant in modern day society (against my will, I promise).

And I’d imagine most (still) are.

If the grid shut’s down temporarily, it’s nice to have a generator.

And that’s why I wrote, a homeowners guide for sizing home generator systems.

Complete with step-by-step load calculations, and an inside scoop as to how and why electricians think about your electrical system the way we do.

You can have it, free by signing up for my daily emails.

Here’s the link:

Your true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee


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Being prepared makes you a target, so get ready

“Desperate and unprepared parties and individuals tried to rob and pillage those with food and fuel supplies because they had planned ahead” (paraphrased).

~Author is unknown.

In several emails I read, someone reposted online giving an account of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, sharing lessons learned and perspective that didn’t surprise me.

Some of them were:

  • Some people caught off guard and unprepared by the storm felt entitled to food and supplies had by others because they were desperate.
    And in desperation resorted to violence and crime in order to get what they needed and wanted from those who had provisions.

It doesn’t surprise me, one bit when people show their nature. People are selfish by nature and will rationalize anything to commit just about anything in order to survive.

And as a result, when SHTF, many times, decency goes out-the-window.

  • If you intend to hold down the fort during a disaster, keep additional supplies and cash-on-hand, to give away as a deterrent to a possible onslaught of hungry desperate hordes.
    Keep your personal supply cache out of sight and out of mind.

I’ve envisioned of hordes of zombies as I write this letter, picturing bewildered clusters and loners, of starving bloody walking “corpses” desperate for food and shelter, potentially violent and willing to feed on you, should you not have some way to satisfy them or comply with their demands.

  • Get out of dodge! Have a safe place to go, be ready and stay supplied so that in a pinch you grab n’ go.As in:
    • Throw your sachels in the truck
    • Lock-up your home (or maybe don’t lock it…)
    • Top-off the fuel tank and (reserve tanks)
    • Get outta-town to your bunker, etc. Have a predetermined, safe place to go. Preferably isolated

This mostly applies to people living in heavily populated regions, but not necessarily.

Whether you have supplies or not, people will eventually come searching for anything they can get there hands on to survive. You can count on it.

Can you blame ’em?

Anyway, something to consider.

If you’re anything like me, you share an interest in knowing how to survive and keeping prepared for survival, aren’t an expert, but are actively doing something about becoming one, then you may want to subscribe to the Survivalite Companion Newsletter. It’s about that!

Come see what’s it is firsthand by getting your hands on a free PDF copy, here:

Your true,

“uncle” Abe Yankee


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Who do you trust?

Earlier this morning I read on a prepper forum I like, a post about, “who to trust?.”

The post got a mixed bag of responses, but mainly, “trust with caution” was looming afterthought came away with.

Good advise, in general, but let me tell you my take on trust.

I’ve been burned and lied to like many folks have. I have a problem with trust and can be a bit jaded at times.

But a principle of faith I learned to follow, and keep up with most of the time is, “don’t be shady.”

Ironically, and it seems, that some of the shadiest people “out there,” are people untrusting of others…

So then, the cure for distrust is to be trustworthy ourselves.

Don’t be sly and slick, slick is slippery and slippery surfaces will eventually cause you to fall.

Like, take for example R. P. Hanssen, the biggest threat to United States National Security, in history.

Hanssen was busted back around the year 2k for selling secrets to the KGB for over twenty years, beginning as far back as 1979.

And through the fall of the former Soviet Union.

Hanssen was an agent working for feds, who many didn’t trust during his career, but no one, except his wife (although he shook her off his tale for suspicion years prior to his arrest), had a clue as to what this joker was doing all those years.

Talk about untrustworthy.

The guy was a psycho. And I profile his life of double-crossing espionage, cheating, and egotistical fragility all the way from his youth.

Get his story and more for free, by signing up for my daily emails, and you get your hands on a free copy of Survivalite Companion Newsletter.

The Survvialite Companion Newsletter, is my $21/monthly prepper publication I write, print, and mail, directly to your address each month (over twenty pages, stocked full of useful tips.

It’s for surviving in an age where the world is going nut-buck, governments and the self-appointed socially elite want to tell you whether or not you can drink soda, your electricity could shut off at any given moment, and your smartphone knows you better than your kids do.

It’s a bit unsettling, I know.

Find out what you can do to protect yourself by getting your paws on your free digital PDF version of Survivalite Companion, at this link.

Your true,

Abe Yankee





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How to transform to a survivor-macGyver, if you’ve been a working “stiff” thus far

You gotta start somewhere.

Years ago, I wanted to start a camp in the woods for people to have a “survivor-macGyver” training experiences.

A fun place to go, a ranch to romp and stomp and practice warfare simulations while driving surplus Humvees left over from real wars and shoot paintballs at one another and campout and practice being “tough-guys and gals” for a week…

But that was twenty years ago and I was just getting started in life, in my early twenties. Lot’s of ideas, little experience or follow through.

So now older, a man with kids and work and with only one life to live it matters more than ever to live up to personal values.

To make dreams reality.

It’s the road of life we all face, what to make of this experience.

The question is, what matters most?

For me, it’s family, God, and sufficient independence.

Knowing how to take care of my own, get along, and live with my conscience clear, and the freedom to think my own thoughts, and not be governed by any “bosses.”

And with what’s left of my life, I intend to make a healthy impact. To eat well, exercise, work for myself and my family; in my own business.

And most importantly to experience life and live it as close to my integrity as possible.

This means trying new things, going to new places (and revisiting old places), meeting and speaking with people, spending as much time as possible living life and the least amount of time “chasing” monetary function.

And it’s these values I founded the newsletter, Survivalite Companion, to support this way of life.

It’s written for the self-sufficient, free-thinking, family-values oriented, independent-minded, die-hard American-rebel.

Willing to pay taxes as necessary, but unwilling to be told how to think by mass-media, and social tyrants.

For those who recognize the value of producing his and her own crops, and store their own food, and produce electricity independently, know how to build shelter, barter for trade-value, and shoot a gun or a bow for gaming, and provide warm-shelter.

You shouldn’t have to be Bear Grills to take care of yourself and I’m here to prove it. This website,, is the outpost along the pathway of independent-sufficiency.

A beacon, not a bench.

The information you’ll find in the hallowed pages of the Survivalite Companion newsletter is for the mindset training for the independently minded person with a leery eye for society.

Who has the call for taking action in their life towards mainstream independence, dissatisfied with the status quo and work till you’re dead, while up to your ears in dept life, most folks live anymore.

If you’ve read thus far, is my invitation to get your hands on a free copy of the fiercely independent Survivalite Companion newsletter.

In it, I discuss important things to know like sizing your residential generator Like A Pro (complete with easy to follow load calculations and examples).

I am an electrician by trade.

You’ll also read in ti, the “cliff-notes” life story of Robert P. Hanssen.

The convicted former FBI agent who for twenty years sold secrets to the Russian KGB, why he did it and the dark corners of his psychology.

I’ll also discuss the modern age of the Chinese Social Credit System, Big-data and its similarity to a prison construct designed in the 1800s.

Still used today and its diabolic impact on your family’s future.

Get your free copy here,

Yours pal,

“uncle” Abe Yankee






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