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What political activists’ could learn from children

Kids are into politics, but at least they get over it. I’ve got kids and I love them dearly, but they drive me absolutely nuts sometimes. Why? politics. I watch them fight over the TV or snacks, or toothbrushes, or … Continue reading

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Family of six tragically killed, just trying to survive

It’s a tragic reminder, whenever I hear the news about another family found dead in their home from carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from an electric generator left running inside the home, to not leave a generator running inside your home. … Continue reading

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Kill em’ or feed em’? What to do when death comes a-knockin at your door

Now picture this, if you may. It’s a warm balmy mid-August summer day as you travel through Louisianna on your way to Florida, on your vacation. Your family and you stop for dinner chow at one of them highway diners … Continue reading

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Politics taken too seriously is stupid and dangerous

Politics taken seriously by idiots is a dangerous thing. But then again, in all truth who am I to call anyone an idiot? No one indeed is the short answer. Like for example, I read of a  woman from the … Continue reading

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The day the US dollar dies

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I am no economic expert. Nor do I completely understand the way the US dollar functions in relationship to the global economy other than its dominant role in international commerce. However, … Continue reading

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