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What political activists’ could learn from children

Kids are into politics, but at least they get over it. I’ve got kids and I love them dearly, but they drive me absolutely nuts sometimes. Why? politics. I watch them fight over the TV or snacks, or toothbrushes, or … Continue reading

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Family of six tragically killed, just trying to survive

It’s a tragic reminder, whenever I hear the news about another family found dead in their home from carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from an electric generator left running inside the home, to not leave a generator running inside your home. … Continue reading

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Politics taken too seriously is stupid and dangerous

Politics taken seriously by idiots is a dangerous thing. But then again, in all truth who am I to call anyone an idiot? No one indeed is the short answer. Like for example, I read of a  woman from the … Continue reading

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From filthy-punk to family-protector

Hedonism is the pursuit of pleasure as a way of life. And I guess, not knowing anything other than to seek “one’s self” as life’s main purpose it’s easy enough to spin-off and wind-up steering down some pretty heinous pathways … Continue reading

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Don’t be a victim with a hood

If I can perpetually blame some woe of the past and hold it “hostage” as the guilty culprit for circumstances of my life today, I use it as the “perfect” excuse to not take responsibility for tomorrow. -Is why victims … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t be paying off debt

According to recent data tallied by the Social Security Administration, 50% of American’s earn less than 30k a year. That means most American’s are broke. Why are American’s so broke? Two reasons right off the top: greed and credit. Now, … Continue reading

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How ready are you right now?

My first encounter with “prepper” life was reading a book by secretive author Claude Hopkins called, The Lost Ways. For its worth, an excellent read stocked full of recipes, anecdotes, and tech. from old times still applicable today. It was … Continue reading

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