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Kill em’ or feed em’? What to do when death comes a-knockin at your door

Now picture this, if you may. It’s a warm balmy mid-August summer day as you travel through Louisianna on your way to Florida, on your vacation. Your family and you stop for dinner chow at one of them highway diners … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t be paying off debt

According to recent data tallied by the Social Security Administration, 50% of American’s earn less than 30k a year. That means most American’s are broke. Why are American’s so broke? Two reasons right off the top: greed and credit. Now, … Continue reading

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The day the US dollar dies

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I am no economic expert. Nor do I completely understand the way the US dollar functions in relationship to the global economy other than its dominant role in international commerce. However, … Continue reading

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Pitch black and terrified

Earlier this morning I was reading a creepy story about a man camping and his son camping on a lake for the night. After a long day of outdoor activities, fishing and eating chow by the campfire the two tuckered … Continue reading

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It was hell down there

I was reading about huge underground tunnel systems under major cities across the United States and questions about what they were originally designed for and in the case of fallout as to whether or not they would be good as … Continue reading

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Don’t let the Poo hit you where it hurts

Natural disasters produce results. Some good some bad, I’ll lead with good. People come together, help each other, forget “differences,” and pray (more). I’ve heard it said that in war, even the atheists pray (“God if you’re out there….”). When … Continue reading

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Government crack-down on “bad apples” exposes its true nature

Anyone who thinks a strong central government is a great idea is nutzo. I’ll tell you why in two words, no, actually three words. First two words, human nature. The third, sin. People (e.g., humans nature) always get their kicks … Continue reading

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